Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Poetic mode

The point of a poetic documentary is to show a inner truth to a situation that cna only be grasped by potential manipulation.
It is usually showed through music, or poetry so it isnt like a normal documentary.
It is easily visable if it is a Poetic or not because of the imaginative and inspirational style.
Poetic documentarys are pretty uncommon compared to others and are usually small productions less that 15 minutes long.
They express a inner meaning that only certain people know, for example in 'My Brixton' they are showing that there is more to Brixton than just crime and poverty. There is lots of races and lots of diversity among the people and they are trying to clean it up and make it better for the youth of today.
It is expressed through rap and this touches you because they dont hide the truth but they show you more than you knew before.

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